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Letter From the Publisher


February 3, I told our team that I wanted to get “a whole bunch” of amazing women to pose for a photo on our cover. I wanted

to feel less alone as I continued to move our “little moms group” towards a respected media company. I wanted us to be surrounded by other women who had dared to do something scary. I started making a mental list, and I thought that if we could even just get 20 of them to pose for a photo, that would be incredible. Maybe other women would see that they could take risks and stand strong while they build their future and be inspired. On February 8, we sent an email that would take on a life of its own. We invited 118 women and on February 22, shockingly, 104 women found babysitters, moved meetings, ran back and forth to the Maryland State House in between votes, and dropped everything to be in the same room at the same time to have a photo taken and tell a tiny part of their story. Many had yet to learn why they were there and had never heard of Annapolis Moms Media, but they came anyway, and the energy was palpable. There was excited laughter, some tears, and an overwhelming positive buzz in the air. We share their words with you today. A special thank you goes to the Annapolis Moms Media Team; this was a beast! We never could have pulled this off without the incredible effort of our volunteers led by Sarah Amyot, Sam Burdette, Samantha Zarnes, Skyelar Hall, Lin Twitty, Jennifer Lee, Tiffany Schall, Lissy Kerr, Meredith Minor, Maria Abreu and Jess Wakefield of Stellar Staging. Debra Saltz, owner of BD Provisions provided the most amazing coffee that fueled us all day. This project never would have happened without Danielle Lawrance of DANIE Photography and Liz Thibodeau of Thibodeau Media. If you need the best for a project of this magnitude, these are your people, and they work beautifully together. This was a major production and without this incredible team, it would not have happened. This photo is, by no means, a complete group. There are thousands of local women who deserve to be celebrated and who deserve a public voice. But this was the beginning of a movement … and we are just getting started building more connections and uplifting as many women and small businesses as we can!

Photo courtesy of DANIE Photography

“What would I tell my younger self?” That was one of the questions we asked the female leaders on our cover to answer. I would tell my younger self, “You are not too much. Be yourself, always. You come with incredible ideas and (while it is sometimes hard to harness) enough energy to light a small city. There are those who will be excited to watch you fail, and others who will cheer you on and help you achieve your goals. Ignore the mean ones and embrace your team of supporters.” I hope you feel inspired to take risks and lead unapologetically. Here’s to all of you, the Women at The Helm, who are brave every day!

Lisa Peri, MSW, Founder & Publisher

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TABLE OF CONTENTS Photo Credit: Cheryl Kerr Photography

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For over a decade, the Annapolis Moms Facebook Group has been a trusted resource for thousands of mothers looking for reliable local businesses and organizations. These businesses are vetted through mom referrals, online reviews, and the staff’s experiences. Although the lists are not exhaustive, if you see a company advertised, listed, or mentioned in an article in this publication, you can be sure they have the Annapolis Moms Thumbs Up seal of approval!


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6 | THE MOTHERLODE COMMUNITY Photo Credit: Aaron Rosa Photography

Annapolis Moms Muse About

Mother’s Day

Annapolis Moms Media staff & writers share favorite gifts and stories from Mother’s Day, and what’s on their Wish List this year! Mother’s Day is May 12 this year – a day when moms (hopefully) get a chance to relax, brunch, sleep late, and not change diapers for a whole day…to each her own, right?! Mother’s Day may not look the same for all of us because we are all so different! What are some of your favorite things or experiences you’ve received for Mother’s Day? What is a Mother’s Day wish you have for 2024? We asked our Annapolis Moms Media writer and staff mommas to answer these questions. See what they said; it

on a tiered cake stand, and we ate all the scones we could have ever asked for. My son, husband, and I dressed up for the occasion right here in our kitchen. It was a beautiful experience in the middle of a scary time at the height of COVID. A Mother’s Day Wish- We buried my grandmother a few days before Mother’s Day last year, so we didn’t celebrate with my aunts and cousins like we usually do because we were all so sad. I hope that we can all be together this year and celebrate Grandma. Heather Greenwell, Writer: A Mother’s Day Wish: This year, I am looking forward to a low-key Mother’s Day. Two of our three kiddos are still under the age of three. So, keeping things simple sounds wonderful. My ideal day includes chocolate chip pancakes with the family for breakfast, sitting on the back porch enjoying the warm weather and sunshine, and a nice cozy evening fire with Pre-kids, my husband and I volunteered on Clagett Farm in Upper Marlboro, and they have this massive fruiting mulberry tree. People were allowed to pick mulberries from the tree for free, and I always commented, why aren’t there more trees like this around? My husband bought a mulberry seedling for my first Mother’s Day, which we planted in the backyard. Well, it turns out mulberry trees don’t fruit for the first ten years as they mature…but this is the year my oldest turns 10! So maybe we’ll have some mulberry pie for Mother’s Day this year! Lisa Peri, MSW, Publisher & Founder of Annapolis Moms Media: my husband to close out the day. Chelsea Harrison, Editor in Chief: A favorite Mother’s Day memory was when my kiddos were tiny. My husband would take the kids out of the house right when they woke up, and they would go out to breakfast and then to a park or something. I’d wake up and have the whole house to myself until their nap time. We’d then grab dinner and celebrate. That time alone to do whatever I wanted without negotiating was the best gift, followed by a yummy meal with hugs and kisses and not having to cook or clean!

may give you some ideas for your wish list! Maria Abreu, Writer and Events Specialist:

I want to create unforgettable memories with my son on Mother’s Day and every opportunity I have throughout the year! As a recently divorced single mother of one, my only wish is for him to grow up knowing that I feel so blessed and

grateful to have him in my life. Jillian Amodio, LMSW, Writer:

I honestly love the Mother’s Day crafts, cards, and worksheets the kids come home with yearly. Mother’s Day is not a “big deal” in my house. Flowers and cards are always appreciated, but my heart has a special place for all those sweet creations my kids come home with each year. I still have a bracelet my daughter made me in preschool; she is now in 7th grade! I also enjoy going to a local vineyard where the kids can enjoy the beautiful scenery, and I can enjoy a glass of wine and listen to live music. Boordy Vineyards has a lovely Mother’s Day celebration. This past year was one of my most challenging years as a parent. I had to make some hard decisions that, although necessary, were heartbreaking. I am happy to have my family all back together and hope we can celebrate the gift of having quality time together this year. Sandy Biello, Marketing Director: My Mother’s Day wish is for a phones-down day and to spend quality time as a family without the barrier and distraction of technology. Our favorite memories as a family have always been outdoors and typically in places where we didn’t have cell service. It allowed us to focus on conversation and play. Weather permitting, I hope to take a long walk at one of our local parks, like Beverly-Triton or South River Farm. Lynne Streeter Childress, Writer: In 2020, my mom ordered tea service for me from Reynolds Tavern, which they delivered to my house. I put everything

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(More) Nonprofits Helping People By Lynne Streeter Childress

Here are seven more local nonprofits that are making a big difference in our community. See what they are doing and how YOU can get involved:

1 2 3


Charting Careers Founded in 2018, Charting Careers' goal is to equalize the playing field for youth by providing long-term mentoring and opportunities, while partnering with the whole family to provide wraparound support. They are always in need of mentors. Volunteer drivers, volunteer coordinators, and guest speakers See how you can get involved at Anne Arundel Women Giving Together Anne Arundel Women Giving Together is a giving circle whose members pool donations to distribute to local nonprofits, with a focus on organizations that serve women and families in the county. They support the community through events like their upcoming Women In Leadership event. Additionally, they partner with their grantees at Grants Showcases, where grantees highlight their work. To find out how you can become a member or help in other ways, go to 3 Acres Rescue Based in Chesapeake Beach, 3 Acres Rescue saves dogs that are stray or are in danger of being euthanized. They partner with groups in other states to care for these deserving animals. They need volunteers to process adoption applications (remote work) and could also use old sheets, blankets, and dog food. See how you can help at

Community After Birth Community After Birth bridges the gap in postpartum care by providing support, education, and advocacy. The founders were inspired to start their organization after both having challenging experiences in finding the physical, mental, and emotional help that they needed after giving birth. They have virtual support circles for expecting parents and those recently pregnant. Please find out more about their virtual and in-person events at

Photo courtesy of 3 Acres Rescue


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Bubbe’s Closet Bubbe’s Closet collects and provides clothing and small household items for local families who are going through transition or experiencing hardship. The charity is named to honor the founder’s late mom. Bubbe’s Closet partners with like-minded groups to find the best place for the donations received to make sure they get to those who need it most. To support them with donations of items or money, go to Annapolis Green Annapolis Green inspires businesses and residents to be environmentally conscious while working towards a cleaner Annapolis. Some of their initiatives include Naptown Taps (sustainable water refilling stations available to rent for events), informing residents about environmental legislation and sustainability tips through their newsletter, and offering community events like monthly Green Drinks meetings and an EV Car Show on April 14. To get involved, go to Community Transitions Community Transitions helps young people “to create, cultivate and transition our youth’s energy ​into endless possibilities ​by providing a positive ​and compassionate space.” One of their programs, Hood 2 Good, provides local kids with the resources for life-long success. H2G partners with schools and other organizations to offer programs that fit the needs and interests of the kids they serve, including poetry clubs, step-dancing groups, and mentoring. To find out more, visit their website

Photo courtesy of Bubbe’s Closet

Photo courtesy of Community Transitions

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Did You Know?

Historic Annapolis is Keeping Annapolis Special By Historic Annapolis

Annapolis is a great place to live, work, and play. It’s also a great place to learn about history, build memories, and raise kids. Tourists and locals alike are drawn to historic downtown Annapolis because of its charm and picturesque character. But did you know Annapolis maintains that charm because of Historic Annapolis (HA)? “We are proud to be a part of the American treasure that is Annapolis,” says Karen Theimer Brown, HA’s President and CEO. “Historic Annapolis is charged to keep Annapolis special for the enjoyment of all and for future generations. We do that by preserving buildings and operating museums to protect the city’s historic character while sharing stories of our past.” Did you know … HA has been a champion for historic preservation for over 70 years? Since its founding in 1952, HA has served as the leading advocate for preserving the city’s small-town character and views. HA also manages a portfolio of twelve historic properties for the state, operates four museums, and welcomes thousands of visitors annually. Did you know … that HA offers something for all ages - from the young to the young at heart? From story times to concerts and virtual lectures to living history performances, HA’s educational programs help you create lasting memories with your family. The Museum of Historic Annapolis (located at the bottom of Main Street) tells over 400 years of Annapolis’ rich and diverse history. HA provides connections to the past in fun and interactive ways—bringing history to life!

Photo courtesy of Historic Annapolis

Did you know … about the two-acre garden in the heart of downtown? The rear of the William Paca House boasts a beautiful terraced colonial revival garden, complete with garden follies, medicinal and kitchen gardens, bees, and bullfrogs. This year HA, is celebrating the garden’s 50- year anniversary of the annual Mother’s Day Plant Sale, May 11-12, 2024. This event is a wonderful opportunity to introduce children to gardening and the joys of nature! Did you know … that you, too, can be a part of the HA community? HA invites you to become a member! A tax-deductible gift starting at $75 a household provides unlimited access to their museums and other perks, including reduced program pricing and other unique experiences. Plus, the Paca Girlfriends Party is held in the beautiful Paca Garden every June. It’s a great excuse to grab your friends for an evening of socializing and shopping, all for a good cause. Save June 12, 2024, on your calendar – tickets go on sale starting May 1 and sell out quickly! Being a part of Historic Annapolis is a way to give back to a place we call home and to protect the quality of life we all enjoy. For more information about membership and upcoming events, go to

Photo courtesy of Historic Annapolis


ATFL strives to create an environment where our clients feel as though their wishes and desires are heard. The more you know, the more power you have. We want you to feel confident that you are receiving our utmost honesty and knowledge about the law – now and in the future. It is our goal to be the team that assists you, time and time again, with the ebbs and flows of your life.

ATFL provides the following services to assist you with all your family needs: l Child Custody & Modification l Divorce l Marital Separation Agreement l Domestic Violence l Estate Planning l Adoption l Pre-Nuptial & Post-Nuptial Agreements


(443) 906-0025 l A Team Family Law, 168 West St, 2nd Floor, Annapolis, MD 21401 Contact Us to Schedule Your FREE Consultation Today!

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Show Your

at the Annapolis Pride Parade

By Liza Roe

WHO IS INVITED? EVERYONE. Christine Feldmann sits on the board of Annapolis Pride and says, “One of the best parts of the event is seeing the, dad and their middle-school-aged child really embracing who they are – supporting their kid.” When the parade debuted in Annapolis in 2019, over 6,000 people showed up in a spectrum of colors. Since then, it’s become the second largest parade and festival in Annapolis, with upwards of 10,000 attendees. “The love and the sheer joy of the event is just unmatched to any other event in this community,” says Feldmann. Dress in your best multicolored ensemble and you’ll be golden or rather, rainbow.

Where can you experience unconditional love, acceptance, and a plethora of rainbow-themed apparel? The Annapolis Pride Parade and Festival, that’s where! If you and your family love to love love, then Annapolis Pride is the place to be. WHAT IS IT? The Annapolis Pride Parade and Festival is much more than rainbows (the chosen color scheme for the LGBTQ+ community representing natural diversity). It’s

a celebration of love and self-expression for people of all colors, creeds, and orientations who create the rainbow of life. 2024 marks the 5th annual Annapolis Pride Parade and Festival where LGBTQ+ members and their allies will be strutting through the streets of downtown Annapolis culminating with a festival for this free and family-friendly event. Last year, 200 organizations, 45 sponsors, and 35 food vendors participated. In addition, you can expect to see various musical artists on two stages sandwiching the rainbow- fueled frenzy.

WHERE IS IT? The Annapolis Pride Parade typically moves down West Street from Amos Garrett Boulevard to Calvert Street. There, you’ll find the festival at The People’s Park. Park at the Navy Stadium where you’ll be pampered with a free shuttle downtown. You can park your prismatic party of people anywhere along the parade route. WHEN IS IT? What better way to spend a Saturday than to contribute to the kaleidoscope of color

Photo courtesy of Annapolis Pride Facebook

WHY A PARADE? In 1970, the first pride parade was to commemorate the anniversary of The Stonewall Uprising which sparked a historical human rights movement. Since then, Pride parades worldwide recognize our right to love who we love and express all aspects of ourselves freely.

that will be marching its way through Naptown? Mark your calendars for Saturday, June 1 to witness and partake in the festivities with the parade beginning at noon and the festival at 1 P.M .


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Celebrating Mom Poets During

National Poetry Month By Liza Roe

In honor of National Poetry Month (April), we interviewed three multi-talented moms who regularly pen poetry. Tanaisha Pearson (TP) is a single parent to a 7-year-old and works at Miss Shirley's Cafe, Heather Greenwell (HG) is a mother of three and works in human resources, and Shana Oshiro (SO) is a mother of three and a self-employed singer/performer and music therapist. Although their experiences differ, poetry is what unites these poetesses. How did you begin writing poetry? TP: I began writing at the age of 20. I was trying to figure out this whole "life" thing and thought I could write a master plan. Well, that didn't work out, but I felt relief. HG: My best friend from high school, Phil, got me into writing. Sadly, in 2018, Phil passed away from cancer. However, he's a large part of why I've continued writing as an adult. SO: The first whisper of a poem came to me in college, out running by the lake. I had no aspirations or interest in writing poetry, but this began a relationship with my inner voice that serves me in voicing my experiences and feelings. How has being a parent influenced your poetry? TP: I've written about both the good and bad times [of parenthood]. However, having a front-row seat to watch another person grow and learn has been wonderful. I have more opportunities to write about experiences I wouldn't have had if I wasn't a mom. HG: Prior to being a parent, I didn't want to publicly write and discuss the tough stuff since the details were subjective and personal for most people. It felt invasive and like I was being a “Debbie Downer”. However, I can't imagine not discussing it now that I'm a parent.… A lot of people have similar personal situations and need some guidance when navigating through them. A great way to help others is by sharing our own experiences. SO: Many of my poetry attempts to answer my questions about life and the questions I imagine life has for me. My children are a context and container from which the answers are drawn and informed. Despair, when it's a tempting conclusion, isn't an option when my children are so beautiful and need me to nurture them with some measure of goodness I must insist on believing in.

Heather (34) and daughter, Olivia (2)

Shana (38) with husband Andy (38) and children Beni (5), Misha (6) and Kenshin (10) (left to right)

Tanaisha (32) and son, Kadin (7)


What do you believe is the purpose of poetry? TP: I believe poetry exists as an expression of our inner thoughts and feelings and has the ability to move mountains. HG: I think the purpose of poetry is to help us to connect with the world around us. SO: Poetry takes us in and outside our words, creating underground tunnels and wormholes that connect otherwise separate concepts. Poetry takes us in and outside of the experiences we describe in the same way. In doing so, I believe

poetry ultimately connects us more deeply to ourselves, the world, and one another. Are you a Mom Poet, too? Check out these local poetic resources to expand your craft: 49 West Coffeehouse Often hosts open mic poetry readings. Anne Arundel County Public Libraries

Evil Grin Poetry Series Emceed by local poets Rocky Jones and Cliff Lynn. Featured poet and open mic. Maryland Writers Association A not-for-profit organization supporting the art, business, and craft of writing in all its forms. Frequent meetings, workshops, local chapters, and First Friday (online) open mic events. Local Bookstores Local bookstores are great places to expand your poetry collection and hear local poets read their work. Check out Park Books in Severna Park, Wyrd Bookstore in Edgewater, and Old Fox Books in Annapolis.

AACPL often hosts published poets and writing workshops. To celebrate poetry month, catch the event "Grace Cavalieri and David Keplinger Celebrate National Poetry Month" at the Eastport-Annapolis Neck Branch from 7 to 8 p.m. Several branches also host Open Mic Nights and Adult Writer Groups. Check AACPL's Events page for more listings. AACC Personal Enrichment Writing Classes Non-credit writing classes are offered each semester, focusing on various writing genres, such as poetry, fiction, and memoir.

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What Is That?!: The Crownsville Giant By Judy Colbert

Ever wonder, “what is that?!” when you drive by the Anne Arundel County Fairgrounds and see the giant figure on the hill? Well, his name is Uncle Harve, and this is his story. Harve is the 20 foot steel and molded fiberglass lumberjack, also known as the Crownsville Giant, and he began his life traveling to county fairs representing the Lombard Chainsaw Company. According to Joel Baker of American Giants, a company that restores these types of statues (often called “Muffler Men”), the statues are 18- to 25-foot advertising giants that were popular in the 1960s and are becoming popular again. In 1977, Frank Baldwin, owner of a farm and garden supply company at the intersection of Route 50 and Generals Highway, purchased the lumberjack. Baldwin was the one to give him the name “Uncle Harve” after the agricultural manufacturing company International Harvester. Harve stood guard atop the Baldwin Service Center for almost 15 years. The service center closed in 1991, after a 22-year run in that location, and cleared their lot to make way for Toys R Us (also now closed). Harve needed a new home, and the Baldwin family donated him to the fairgrounds. In 1991, the statue moved to his new home. Over the years, this retired lumberjack has had many names: The Crownsville Giant, Uncle Harve, the Muffler Man, and the Fair Giant. Whatever you want to call him, give a little wave next time you see him at Anne Arundel County Fairgrounds. Anne Arundel County Fairgrounds | 1450 Generals Hwy, Crownsville, MD

Image courtesy of Judy Colbert


Annapolis Juneteenth: Celebrating Freedom for All Americans By Chelsea Harrison

This year marks the 4th Annual Annapolis Juneteenth Festival and Parade, which will take place on June 21-22. Celebrations will include: the Gala (June 21); Parade (June 22, noon); and, Festival (June 22, starting at 2 p.m.). The parade will travel from Annapolis City Dock to the Bates Athletic Complex, where the celebration continues with live music performances, the Freedom Way exhibition, children’s activities, vendors, and more. Annapolis’ Juneteenth Festival and Parade events are a dream come true–literally. Phyllis “Tee” Adams, entrepreneur and Executive Director of Dreamers Making A Difference, Inc., had a dream in which she saw thousands of people gathering together in Annapolis. “The word that God gave me was simply ‘Juneteenth’…Thus the vision was born,” Adams explains. In 2022, the baton was passed to Dr. Craig Coates, a historian, pastor, and community leader who was involved in creating the Freedom Walk exhibit from the beginning. Since then, Dr. Craig Coates and Celebrate Annapolis Juneteenth Corporation (a non-profit) have organized and sponsored the festival. Juneteenth Pop-Up Another part of this year’s celebration is the Juneteenth Pop-Up at the Annapolis Town Center from June 1-15. The interactive pop-up exhibit gives residents and shoppers a prelude to the festival, including Dr. Coates’ exhibition entitled “Freedom Way: A Blueprint of Resistance and Liberation of Enslaved People in the United States from 1619 to Present.” “For most people, this was a new history lesson,” he says, reflecting on the 2023 pop-up, “To watch people and their children and their grandchildren, and seeing people say, ‘We had no idea.’” This year, Coates says, “We are really taking it to the next step; it’s going to be bigger.” Wednesdays will be Kids Day at the pop-up, featuring storytellers, puppet shows, and other crafts and activities

for kids, all in the name of educating kids about Juneteenth in an age-appropriate way. As Dr. Coates says, “Celebrations are not meant to just validate, but also to educate.” The History of Juneteenth On June 19, 1865, Union troops arrived in Galveston, Texas, to enforce the Emancipation Proclamation and to ensure the freedom of 250,000 people still being held in bondage there. Even though the Emancipation Proclamation had been signed into law by President Lincoln on January 1, 1863– two and a half years prior–there were still places in the country where the news was being withheld, and people remained enslaved. As Dr. Coates says, “There were people in this country that were still slaves, not because legislation hadn’t freed them, but because people hadn’t freed them.” The Festival Dr. Coates emphasizes that all are welcome to the Juneteenth Festival and events; “One of the things that I point out through the Freedom Way trail is that freedom wasn’t won by a race, it was won by the human race.” Here are some Festival features for the whole family: • Virtual scavenger hunt • The Watoto Village (Watoto is Swahili for children.) This area will be primarily be geared for kids! • A variety of music performances. • Before the festival, there will be a Poetry Contest in which people can create their own expression of freedom. The winning poets will perform on the big stage at the festival. Annapolis Juneteenth Festival and Parade is looking for volunteers to help make this year’s events a success. To help out, fill out the volunteer form on the Annapolis Juneteenth website.

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Annapolis Animal Hospital


General Practice

+1 (410) 263-4112

Anne Arundel Veterinary Emergency Clinic


Emergency Services

+1 (410) 224-0331

Arnold Veterinary Hospital


General Practice & Emergency

+1 (410) 757-7645

Balanced K9 Services


Dog Training

+1 (443) 782-5460

Bark 'N' Bean


Dog Grooming

+1 (410) 268-7387

Bayside Animal Medical Center

Severna Park

General Practice & Exotic Pets

+1 (410) 544-4423

Beechnut Kennels


Dog and Cat Boarding

+1 (410) 798-4303

Cozy Canine Camp


Dog Boarding

+1 (410) 923-2010

Crunchies Natural Pet Foods


Pet Food

+1 (410) 721-5432

Dirty Paws Dog Spa


Dog Grooming

+1 (443) 607-8456

Greater Annapolis Veterinary Hospital


General Practice & Emergency

+1 (410) 224-3800

It’s A Pet Thing


Dog Grooming

+1 (410) 544-5533

Leash on Life


Pet Visits

+1 (301) 452-1640

Muddy Creek Animal Hospital

West River


+1 (410) 867-0770

Mutt and Joe

Severna Park

Dog Grooming

+1 (410) 793 5340

Nature Junction

Severna Park

Bird Food & Feeders

+1 (410) 544-2628

Paws and Possibilities


Dog Training

+1 (410) 424-0858

Rude Ranch Animal Rescue


Sanctuary & Spay/Neuter Clinic

+1 (410) 798-9559

Sea Dog Boutique


Pet Supplies

+1 (410) 946-6800

Western Shore Veterinary Hospital


General Practice

+1 (443) 936-0660

Wild Birds Unlimited


Bird Food & Feeders

+1 (410) 451-6876


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20 | THE MOTHERLODE RETAIL Photo Credit: Summer Borrelli Photography

ANNAPOLIS ARTISTRY: Local Crafters and Artists Share Their Stories

By Sarah Amyot

Are you tired of searching high and low for the perfect gift for your partner, friend, or even yourself (#treatyoself)? Look no further! I’ve rallied some of my favorite local crafters to level up your gift-giving game. Others will know you as, “The Best Gift Giver,” and you will support local artisans in our community. By purchasing handmade products from them, you directly support their dreams and impact their lives (add “Dream Cheerleader” to your title).

One House Beads, owned by Amy Einhaus

1. What is your craft in a nutshell? I specialize in beaded, wire-wrapped, and metal-stamped jewelry with a minimalistic, elegant style, lighthearted charm, and whimsy. The necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are great for casual, everyday wear. 2. What made you get into your craft? My love for jewelry-making started in the ‘80s when my sister and I would make friendship bracelets, and I would pretend to sell them. I always knew what I wanted to be when I grew up! The love continued—I even spent my first paycheck on beads. I am primarily self-taught, but I have taken courses on silversmithing, precious metal clay, and lampwork beads. 3. Favorite piece to make? Wire-wrapped bracelets and necklaces! I can sit in a zen-like state for hours, wrapping wire loops and gorgeous gemstones. 4. Bestseller? My opal cloud pendant on a gold-filled necklace and wire-wrapped gemstone bracelets.

Clapper Creations, owned by Becky Clapper

Photos courtesy of One House Beads

1. What is your craft in a nutshell? I offer many products but started specializing in sewing lessons, memory bears, and custom orders like clothing, purses, tote bags, pillows, and more. My tagline is, “We Can Sew Make That”. 2. What made you get into your craft? I learned to sew sitting on my mom’s lap when I was young and always enjoyed it. I always made things for my dolls, stuffed animals, and eventually essential clothing such as lounge pants by high school. I took my sewing machine to college with me and continued to master my skills. Once I had kids, I started making items for them like car seat ponchos (to wear over the straps of a car seat, keeping an infant/child safe but warm). 3. Favorite piece to make? My favorite thing is to teach others to sew. I offer private in-person lessons in my home studio in Crownsville for ages seven and up. It is rewarding to share my love of sewing and spark that interest in others. 4. Bestseller? My memory bears. I can make them with almost any fabric that is sentimental to the customer. Popular items include baby clothes, wedding dresses, and clothing worn by loved ones.

Photos courtesy of Clapper Creations

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Heartfelt Trimmings, owned by Margaret Harris 1. What is your craft in a nutshell? I specialize in needle and wet felting, making felt home décor, like seasonal garland and baby mobiles. 2. What made you get into your craft? I’ve always been artsy and crafty. I worked for local folk artist Natalie Silitch for nearly ten years before I had children and wanted to get involved with something creative to keep me busy as a stay-at-home mom. Needle-felted items can take hours and hours to create, and I tried to get innovative items into our customers’ homes for an affordable price. 3. What is your favorite thing to make? With ADHD, it’s tough for me to make the same thing over and over again. I love mobiles when they are all done. They are one of the most unique and customizable items I make. 4. Bestseller? My garlands — particularly my truck with a tree garland.

Photos courtesy of Heartfelt Trimmings

Jami Creates, by Jami Hofmann

1. What is your craft in a nutshell? Jami Creates is a creative outlet for everything representing me and my passions, from keychains, earrings, Maryland pride, stationery, stickers, gnomes, “Always Anxious Club,” and more. 2. What made you get into your craft? I’ve always been into art and DIY, but the newfound free time with COVID was the real push to start something. If Bridget and Matt from Wildberry Farm + Market hadn’t told me to open an Etsy shop after I doodled one of their flower bouquets, I would not have even given it much thought. It’s wild how supportive the local community is!

3. What is your favorite thing to make? Earrings. 95% of the ones I sell are one-of-a-kind, so I only make one pair. There are so many options, from colors to shapes to materials. I love how endless the possibilities are. 4. Bestseller? My Maryland gnome, in just about anything I put it on. But the sticker is a top seller for sure. Photo courtesy of Jami Creates

Toasted Woodworks, owned by Sean and Erin Troast

1. What is your craft in a nutshell? We specialize in custom, handcrafted hardwood masterpieces that range from cutting boards to cheese and charcuterie boards – all made from ethically sourced woods from Africa, South America, and the eastern USA. 2. What made you get into your craft?

a. Sean: My journey into woodworking began with a simple curiosity and a desire to explore something new. I have childhood memories of building tree houses with my brother. Despite pursuing a career in IT, woodworking has become my creative outlet—a way to balance the digital with the tangible and reconnect with hands-on works satisfaction. b. Erin: While Sean is the mastermind behind these creations, I often lend a hand, stretching his creativity through my knack for interesting project ideas. Photo courtesy of Toasted Woodworks

3. Favorite piece to make? Furniture and tool holders. There’s a special satisfaction in crafting pieces that blend functionality with beauty. Each project presents its own unique challenges and rewards, making the journey of creation a truly fulfilling experience. 4. Bestseller? Cutting boards and rainbow serving trays. These items consistently fly off the shelves due to their combination of functionality and aesthetic appeal.


Local Artist Spotlight: Renata Mastroti, Ceramic Artist By Duffy Perkins

The hallmark of ceramic artist Renata Mastroti’s pottery is its reverence for natural beauty, with leaves, flowers, and other flora carved and then painted into the clay. However, the elements that act as her trademark are not inherent to her life’s story. Mastroti was born and raised in Brazil, and while her artwork may reflect the natural landscape of the Mid-Atlantic, the color palette of her pieces reflects a much deeper source of inspiration. “I’m inspired by nature and its pattern,” Mastroti says, “and I’m drawn to its organic character and diversity. The vegetation of Brazil is a constant source of inspiration.” Mastroti was born and raised in São Paolo, Brazil, and, as a teen, enjoyed ceramics as a hobby. After graduating from college and spending time in the workforce, she took a leap of faith and accepted a two-year apprenticeship at the Rochester Folk Art Guild in New York. After meeting her husband there, she followed him to Annapolis and began work as a professional potter. Mastroti’s work bridges the gap between the domesticity of the family table and the enchantment of a secret garden. Using carving tools and deep slips, her patterns pull color during the firing process, and bringing three- dimensional qualities to static pieces.

“I work with stoneware and then apply a black slip and carve over it. The leaf work is all real leaves that I collect on walks, then sketch on the clay and carve. I sketch based on observation, then I simplify the designs to carve over the slip on the pots.” Mastroti’s fascination

Photo courtesy of Renata Mastroti

with symmetries, fractals, spirals, and tessellations comes through in her work. As the viewer’s eye explores the shape of the form and the creative unfolding of the pattern, Mastroti’s appreciation for her nature walks becomes apparent. Mastroti has taught ceramics at Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts since 2005. Her ability as an artist to instruct students is unprecedented, with many professional potters pulling stools up to the wheels in her studio. For more information on Renata, visit

SPRING 2024 | 23

Father’s Day Gift Guide: EXPERIENCE EDITION

By Frank Bolinsky

PSA: Father's Day is on Sunday, June 16 this year. The gifting trend these days is to gift experiences rather than material goods, especially since the entire family can also enjoy them. There are plenty of fun experiences in our area to choose from. Here are some ideas for great Father's Day gifts this year. 1. Escape Rooms - We love escape rooms. We especially love Mission Escape Rooms on West Street in Annapolis. The Sasquatch Room was the first we have ever done as a family. They often run specials, so sign up for their newsletter. 2. Toptracer Golf - You can travel only some of the way to Baltimore for a Top Golf-type experience. The Severna Park Golf Center has Toptracer at all its bays at the driving range. This tracks where you hit the ball and can digitally play multiple courses or fun games like challenging each other for distance. They even sell alcohol there. 3. Fishing or Boating Charter - There are many different Fishing Charter options in Annapolis (two options are Back Creek Charters and Gone Fishin' Charters), or try somewhere like Cruise the Chesapeake or Watermark if you want to cruise around. 4. Arcades - Let him relive his childhood arcade memories by taking him out for food and arcade games. Crabtowne in Glen Burnie has excellent food and a huge arcade, and GameOn in Annapolis is tons of fun. 5. Couples Massages - Before having kids, my partner and I enjoyed monthly couples massages. I often reminisce about those days and think it would be great to gift one to ourselves. Varuna Salon Spa has an excellent dedicated room for couples’ massages. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a place to unwind and rejuvenate, visit Even Keel, Maryland’s premier wellness spa. They offer a range of services, including massages, facials, and beauty treatments, in a tranquil environment with luxurious amenities. 6. Pedicures - I have gotten a few pedicures in my life, and honestly, it's a good time, and it is always lovely to get ready for sandal weather. Find time to go out for a couple's pedicure and get lunch. Try Face It! Spa and Wellness.

7. Sports Tickets - There are excellent local sports teams like the Annapolis Blues FC and the Bowie Baysox Baseball Team. Local sports are great because you don't have to drive into the city and worry about parking, but you can still see some exciting live sports action. Season tickets are a great deal if Dad is really into a particular sport or team. Nothing quite like the fireworks display and letting the kids run the bases after a home Baysox game. 8. See a Show - Maryland Hall and the Hippodrome have fantastic shows lined up for the rest of the year. Some are family-friendly, and others are better suited for a date, like The Psychology of Serial Killers show at Maryland Hall.




SPRING 2024 | 25

9 Nine Local Boutiques to Refresh Your The song, "I'm Coming Out" by Diana Ross is in my queue… goodbye winter puffer jackets and boots, hello spring! It's the perfect time to explore up-and-coming fashion trends, take risks, and try new looks. There is no need to do an entire spring wardrobe revamp (unless you want to), but finding a few key pieces will excite you and make you step out of hibernation. Here are nine local boutiques to shop for some fresh inspiration. (Guess what else? They're all women-owned! ): By Sarah Amyot The Cottage features a wide variety of clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories, and unique gifts for all occasions. Customer experience is its top priority. They carry well-known designers and local treasures and continually update their boutique with unique and trendy items from around the country. They help you look good, feel good , and knock some of those to-dos off your list! 149 Main Street, Annapolis, MD 21401 562B Ritchie Highway, Severna Park, MD 21146 The Cottage Spring Wardrobe

Photo courtesy of The Cottage

3 Sisters Boutique

3 Sisters Boutique is a woman- and family-owned business run by Stella, Athina, and Stavroulla (the sister trio), alongside mother Andrea (a refugee-turned-entrepreneur). Their mission is to bring you the latest trends in fashion that are affordable, chic, trendy, and unforgettable. 3 Sisters Boutique is committed to affordability , so you don't have to break the bank to stay fashionable. Whether you're planning a fun day out with friends or preparing for a glamorous night out, they've got you covered. 170 Main Street, Annapolis, MD 21401

Photo courtesy of 3 Sisters Boutique

Cu‘ pla

Cúpla (Coo-pla) is the Irish word for twins, and, in case you haven't guessed, it is owned and run by twin sisters. Cúpla's vision is a place where customers are friends and care more about community than competition. They offer customers unique products thoughtfully curated from local makers and women-owned businesses. Cúpla also pursues efforts to upcycle vintage finds and promote sustainable choices. 37 Maryland Avenue, Annapolis, MD 21401

Photo courtesy of Cúpla


Mango & Main

Mango & Main is creating global connections through artisan-made fashion and home décor. They focus on sustainable fashion and handmade apparel from eco- friendly materials like organic cotton, natural dyes, and woven textiles. Mango & Main sources apparel, accessories, home décor, and gifts from artisans in 25 countries to bring you the latest fair-trade finds! 88 Maryland Avenue, Annapolis, MD 21401

Photos courtesy of Mango & Main


StardustDeluxe offers a shopping experience for women who want casual luxury and unusual pieces that help them stand out. Their store is filled with blouses, sweaters, jeans, dresses, and some of the most interesting shoes and jewelry pieces you will find. StardustDeluxe prides itself on its customer service and attention to each woman as unique. 1915 Towne Centre Blvd, Suite 130, Annapolis, MD 21401

Photos courtesy of StardustDeluxe

Wrabyn Boutique

Wrabyn Boutique was created to reinvent how women shop by offering complimentary styling services to every guest who walks through its doors. It's a place where you'll always be greeted with a smile and given the freedom and space to explore, play around, and discover something new. The personal stylists at Wrabyn are there to listen, advise, adjust, and nurture who you are and who you see yourself becoming through your style identity . 12 Annapolis Street, Annapolis, MD 21401

Photos courtesy of Wrabyn

SPRING 2024 | 27

HERE. a pop-up shop opens in the Annapolis area at least four times a year for about three weeks, showcasing a wide variety of trendy apparel and goods, from women's clothing and accessories to home décor, furniture, and art— all from local artisans . HERE. creates a unique shopping experience by using a new retail location, usually a vacant space, for a limited time, designed to generate excitement with a seasonal and inspired theme. Oh, and don't forget – you can always shop online 24/7! Check out their website for their newest pop-up location. HERE. a pop up shop

Photo courtesy of HERE. a pop up shop

Lilac Bijoux

Lilac Bijoux is a boutique in downtown Annapolis that offers women's apparel, accessories, shoes, and gifts. Its owner, Fern, is breezy and passionate about effortless style. The boutique's fashion is for women with a casual chic flair and ageless style . 180 Main Street, Suite 101, Annapolis, MD 21401

Photos courtesy of Lilac Bijoux

Stellaluna Raine

Stellaluna Raine was started by three sisters "with different personalities, styles, and figures who wanted to join together to create a boutique for all." Located in Severna Park, this boutique has everything you need to style a fresh spring look or freshen up your work wardrobe. Each month, the boutique donates a portion of its proceeds to a different charity. It also offers Stella styling, a rewards program, and local delivery! 770 Ritchie Hwy, Suite W8, Severna Park, MD 21146

Photos courtesy of Stellaluna Raine


Photo Credit Ken Tom Photography

Did You Know? Historic Annapolis hosts a premiere Girls’ Night Out fundraising event each June. The Paca Girlfriends Party is an evening of shopping and socializing in the picturesque William Paca Garden. Join Us! You can help us strengthen our community and protect the vitality and quality of life that makes Annapolis a place you are proud to call home.

The 16th annual Paca Girlfriends Party Wednesday, June 12, 2024 William Paca House & Garden, 186 Prince George Street in Annapolis 6 pm – 9 pm (VIP entry, 5 pm) Become a Sponsor

Your support provides the opportunity to make a difference while also promoting your business. Contact Traci Ramsey at or 410.626.1033. VIP tickets on sale starting Wednesday, April 3, 2024 at 10am General Admission tickets on sale starting Wednesday, May 1, 2024 at 10am 21+ only

Photo Credit DANIE Photography

SPRING 2024 | 29

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